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Born and raised in Vancouver Ca., Noah Spivak is a graduate of Emily Carr University for Art and Design, where he majored in photography but retained heavy interest in sculpture. As his recent interests reflect, these specialties are now applied in installation and spacial practice. The artist’s compulsive urge to collect – objects, relationships, meaning – is used to explore the ways in which we experience the small phenomena of the reality we inhabit. Spivak’s current processes isolate, break and reconstitute the materials that compose photographs – presenting audiences with the distance that can exist between a physical object and a study of visual re-presentation. Spivak’s fascination with the human senses, the ambiguity of the everyday and the space in which the art experience occurs culminate in a body of work that explores how we experience visual art and the subconscious descisons we make leading up to this moment. The artist is currently based in Melbourne, Au. and has exhibited both nationally and internationally.




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